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From the bustling streets of Russel Lea to the serene lanes of Epping, our portfolio showcases a diverse range of architectural marvels. Dive in to explore:

Russel Lea:

A challenging terrain transformed into a two-storey wonder, complete with ground floor renovations. Witness the magic in our "before and after" gallery.


A federation home in Wareemba, reborn with a modern kitchen and an alfresco retreat, blending history with today's luxury.


A federation home redesigned to echo the elegance of Belle magazine, a true testament to luxury and style.

Five Dock:

A classic home rejuvenated, where bespoke features and genuine timber bring back its timeless charm.

VBN in Epping:

A 20-year partnership, marked by intricate restorations and grand additions, always respecting the home's rich heritage.

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